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Web and Writing Solutions Company proposed on Functional Area 12 [Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support] for Zone 2, National Capital Zone, and Functional Area 22 [Public Affairs and Multimedia Support ] for Zone 2, National Capital Zone.

12  Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support

Web and Writing Solutions Company has provided website design, development, installation, operation and maintenance to Government agencies since 2003. We can contribute effectively to the Seaport-e team through our knowledge, creativeness, flexibility, and commitment to quality and customer service.

WWSC works  on Windows, Unix, and Linux platforms and has programmed in HTML5, HTML, DHTML, XML, Coldfusion, ASP.NET, PHP, Javascript, CSS, Flash, FLEX, AJAX, JOOMLA, WordPress, and other open source platforms. WWSC understands rules and guidelines for Federal websites and Section 508 Accessibility law and reviews website structure and content for compliance. WWSC has both developed custom content management systems to manage all or a portion of a website’s content (USACE) and has utilized Federal Government content management systems to program content for a live website (FDA). WWSC is currently exploring approaches to mobile websites and mobile applications with the objective of integrating them into existing client web deployments, adding value to the end-user experience and provide new ways of disseminating client information to end users.

Our approach to website development includes:

  • Consultation with the client to obtain the information needed to create the website strategic plan, including mission, goals and objectives of both the agency/organization and the website, identification of the website’s audience, determination of who will provide the content, what role the web team will play in content development, where the website will be hosted and what that hosting platform will be, targeting of the preferred elements to be included on the website, targeting of the color palette, and development of an initial timeline. The first draft of the quality assurance plan is created at this step.

  • Analysis of web platform requirements, including hosting and programming platforms, whether an existing content management system will be used, analysis of Agency branding and design requirements, and requirements for integrating into the hosting platform. Consultation with other IT staff to work out procedures for quality assurance and transfer of files near launch. Analysis of content for website architecture.

  • Creation of web design roughs illustrating navigation design treatments, page layout, color palette, and content treatment. This step includes wireframes unless not required by the client.

  • Targeting, editing and writing of web content, development of interactive elements and graphics, accessibility review of documents and other content to be posted, scheduling of additional content to be developed.

  • Development of prototype and draft sites.

  • Programming of the final site, testing, testing on the deployment platform, information assurance reviews.

  • Plan for reviewing site after launch and development of a maintenance schedule.

  • Website Launch, including strategies for announcing the website and driving users to the site.

Since 2002, Web and Writing Solutions has designed, developed content for, copywritten, programmed and implemented numerous web sites for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, ranging from very large public internet sites to small project sites. Our team is part of the USACE Institute for Water Resources (IWR) webmaster team. The IWR website showcases work inside the Institute, Corps (Civil Works) Water Resources, and how the Corps is addressing future water resources management needs. Diana Hallman and another programmer on our team obtained background clearances and took a series of mandatory courses relating to information security and DoD websites; some of that training requires an annual refresher course. Recent projects include a new coastal website; redesign of the National Committee on Levee Safety site; redesign of the PIANC USA and National Shoreline Management websites; online surveys for water supply,  the collaborative planning team, and the responses to climate change team; and migration of the IWR website to an opensource content management platform.

The WWSC team has designed and implemented websites for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) since 2003, when it supported USACE Institute for Water Resources with development of its Navigation Economics Technologies (NETS) program website ( The team worked with subject matter experts to identify the projects within the program, develop a fact sheet framework for them, and then wrote the fact sheet content using the knowledge learned during that process. Simultaneously, work went forward on website architecture and development of a custom content management system to manage the fact sheets and add consistency. In 2005 WWSC was contracted to design the new IWR website and become its webmaster. It was launched in 2006 and resides at the USACE server farm in Vicksburg, MS. It has undergone two additional redesigns to stay in line with USACE branding guidelines. During the last three years, WWSC has performed webmaster tasks, including managing the IWR web server, designed and maintained more than a dozen satellite program websites, and regularly contributes content to IWR’s websites. In 2010, WWSC planned, created, and deployed the National Hurricane Program Resource Center website for USACE Baltimore District through a subcontracting agreement. WWSC has since supported USACE IWR with additional redesign and migration of its main website and several of its program sites.

WWSC has provided conference and workshop online registration, abstract and agenda management services and programming to the National Park Service (NPS) and USACE IWR over the past 3 years. WWSC developed a custom summit registration website with online registration for the 2008 NPS Superintendents’ Summit. Also in 2008 WWSC created an event website for USACE, who was hosting the High Level Expert Panel on Water and Disasters/UNSGAB. WWSC's Leading Edge and Marketing division provided complete event planning support for the event. WWSC has created multiple event websites for the U.S. Chapter of PIANC and for the National Flood Risk Management Program. Event websites share a requirement to disseminate rapidly changing information to the potential event audience. WWSC supports these sites with enewsletters, enews, and other electronic tools.

22 Public Affairs and Multimedia Support

The Web and Writing Solutions team has provided communications and outreach services to Government agencies, associations, and nonprofit organizations since 2002. These services have centered in three main areas: public affairs and multimedia support, event planning services, and website design and outreach (see narrative re12 IS/IA/IT above).

Public Affairs and Multimedia Support

Public affairs and multimedia services provided by the WWSC team have included:

  • Communications strategic plans. WWSC regularly works with its event planning customers to develop communications plans to get the word out about the events. WWSC has also provided strategic communications consulting to USACE IWR for its IWR website and for its Coastal team. The plans have included message development, branding, electronic tool development, enewsletter development and deployment, and plans for new website features. Some of the work for the Coastal team was completed under a subcontracting arrangement with another contractor.

  • Multimedia services. WWSC has designed brochures, invitation letters, enewsletters, enews, flash presentations, animated graphics, and wall displays for IWR. WWSC created many of the original Value to the Nation Civil Works brochures for IWR. In 2008 we assisted with a refresh of the brochures, which included working with subject matter experts to create two new brochures. We regularly write copy for news stories and other web articles, and occasionally write press releases. IWR celebrated its 40th birthday in 2010. WWSC through a subcontracting agreement researched key elements of IWR’s history and created a Chronology of Major Events. One key product of that process was a creative three-panel wall display showing the growth of IWR’s mission over time. As IWR’s key mission revolves around water resources, so too the display took the timeline along a river.

Event Planning Support

The WWSC team has helped associations, nonprofits and government agencies produce successful, professional and well-run meetings and conferences. Clients have included national and state organizations with events ranging in size from 50 attendees to 2,000 and in length from 1 day to 10 days. Our talented team of meeting experts effectively executes all aspects of event planning, logistics and online registration, as well as coordinating international delegations.

WWSC’s staff believes in providing focused, personalized attention to clients and their attendees; paying careful attention to the details and the bottom line; and creating a positive experience for staff, board members, volunteers and attendees. The WWSC team is adept at trouble-shooting and problem-solving amid the hustle and bustle of the meeting environment. Onsite they will go the extra mile to help meeting organizers deal with whatever issues may arise. Our goal at the end of the day is a successful conference with happy attendees and clients.

WWSC’s services include overall meeting and strategic planning, pre-event coordination, onsite logistics and technical support, registration (including online and onsite registration), web support, marketing, sponsor/exhibitor recruitment and management, site selection, contract negotiation, vendor facilitation, management of offsite events, continuing education support, agenda development, and post-conference support. The WWSC team has been providing event planning and online registration support for more than nine years. Clients have included:

  • USACE IWR, including the 2008 4th Meeting of the High Level Expert Panel of Water and Disaster/UNSGAB and the 2010 International Policy-Oriented Discussions. WWSC provided services for all aspects of these two events.

  • PIANC USA, including Smart Rivers 2011, SmartRivers 2007, 2008 Gulf Coast Hurricane Conference, 2012 Dredging, and 2014 World Congress. WWSC provided online registration and conference website support for all of these events, and onsite logistical support for several of them.

  • National Park Service. WWSC provided online registration, summit website, and onsite logistics support for the 2008 Superintendents Summit.

  • PHS Commissioned Officers Foundation, including all national conferences from 2003 through 2017. WWSC provided services for all aspects of this annual symposium, including working with international delegations and complete sponsor/exhibitor recruitment and management.

  • National Organization of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers. Our team provides online registration, communications and outreach materials, and onsite logistical support for this annual conference.

  • WWSC is committed to maintaining a high quality environment. One of the ways we feel we can do this is by developing a team that works well together, enjoys working with WWSC clients, has a commitment to quality, and a commitment to continuing to enhance their skills.

Website Design and Outreach

See narrative re12 IS/IA/IT above.