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Quality Assurance Program

Quality assurance is an intrinsic part of our management approach.

The Web and Writing Solutions Company (WWSC) team believes in working creatively and efficiently for its clients. We familiarize ourselves with our clients’ work routines and work with them to ensure a successful project. We believe in involving our clients in key project decisions, whether the project is technology, public affairs, or event planning related.

The WWSC web and communications team meets regularly to discuss changes in the web programming field. Our team is currently reviewing mobile web and mobile app treatments, particularly as they relate to event websites. We are looking for ways to use this technology to not only enhance the user experience, but to make the product more efficient, thus generating time efficiencies or additional fees for the client.

We have weekly meetings with the entire team to discuss successes, challenges, and to brainstorm innovative practices that we can bring to the table for our existing and future clients. WWSC believes in bringing value to our clients through delivery of high quality products, modestly priced services and review of projects and practices that could be made more efficient.

WWSC management works with our staff members to engage them to:

  • follow strategic planning and implementation schedules
  • follow our quality control plans
  • introduce additional quality checks frequently throughout each process
  • improve practices that result in quality challenges or repeat corrections
  • use checklists for repetitive or routine processes
  • use checklists for design processes
  • give input into developing checklists and processes to ensure quality results
  • create performance measures and check them
  • bring potential problems to the attention of management

It is important to the WWSC management team that our staff  share our values relating to high energy and enthusiasm for our clients’ work and to delivering a high-quality product. We regularly engage them in conversations and team planning to solicit their input into these processes so that they have ownership in them.

WWSC has held annual planning meetings involving our staff about 2 out of every 3 years. In those meetings we take a new look at vision, mission, where we’ve been and where we are going, and ascertain what our staff sees for the future. We find that this process energizes our staff and makes them feel that they are having an impact on our processes (and they are). We encourage researching of current trends and continuing education, particularly in our technical staff. All of our professional staff are engaged in the welfare of the company and contribute to its plans for the future.

WWSC teams fall into two main areas – the web and communications team and the event planning team – though staff from both regularly work together on projects that cross those boundaries. Each team quality checks itself. For key elements, such as communications pieces to be released to the public, pre-conference logistics lists, and the final quality check of a new website, specific checklists, proofing and quality checks are followed. For communications pieces, we particularly look at grammar, spelling, consistency of treatment of names, consistency of usage, and whether or not the piece supports the client’s messages. For event planning, we regularly re-check dates, speaker names, proof content provided by attendees, review contract terms periodically over time, review matching of changing needs with the room setups over time, watch for room blocks being over or under as the event approaches, check progress in negotiating and contracting with vendors at key points as the event approaches, send key communications pieces to all staff to review. For web design projects, designs are checked against Federal guidelines and accessibility standards prior to being shown to the client (this is particularly important as more attention is being paid in the Federal arena to 508 color standards). After content is gathered, the site navigation and architecture is revisited to see if it needs to be revised. We assist clients with usability tests during site navigation and architecture development and again during the prototype and/or draft website stage. New websites are put through systematic separate reviews for Federal OMB guidelines, Section 508 accessibility, grammar and spellcheck, consistency of design elements, and linkchecking. Existing websites have a maintenance schedule that includes reviewing the sites to identify dated content, links that no longer work, spotchecks for Federal OMB guidelines and Section 508 accessiblity, and other issues that sometimes crop up over time.

The WWSC staff members are all involved in providing customer service to our clients. When problems are reported, we attempt to correct them the same day or as soon as possible. Sometimes that means representing a client’s best interests with vendors at an event if the facility or a vendor(s) is not performing as expected. If a clients’ needs change, we try to reorganize our workflow to accommodate that. Our staff members are encouraged to bring issues to management attention, ask our advice on how to handle an issue/element of a design project, and are encouraged to ask questions or bring the issue to a group meeting table to find a better solution. We try to anticipate potential problems so that they can be addressed before they become full-blown. If a staff member should have problems cooperating with any members of the client team, we try to reassign duties so as to relieve that pressure. Staff members who regularly work with client teams are assigned those duties or request those duties because they are good at those tasks.

WWSC also has regular review meetings with our clients regarding their projects. For events, we have regular discussions with clients at key points in the schedule prior to the event, have a debriefing with stakeholders after the event, and meet with the planning committee to talk about steps to take (or not take) for future events. For new web projects, WWSC meets with the client regularly at key points in the process and involves them in the quality assurance process. For communications and outreach, the client reviews the final product before it is released.