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GSA Contracts

Web and Writing Solutions provides a full range of attractive, accessible web solutions to government agencies under GSA Schedule GS-07F-464AA for SIN 541-3 Electronic Marketing Services, which include: web site design, usability, information architecture, accessibilty, web content development, web-based conference solutions, electronic brochures, e-newsletters and consulting. A fuller range of marketing and design services is available at the micropurchase level as well.

Professional Services Schedule
SIN 541-3 Web Site Marketing Services
SIN 541-3RC Disaster and Recovery Web Site Marketing Services
SIN 541-1000 Other Direct Costs
SIN 541-1000RC Other Direct Costs

Contract: GS-07F-464AA
Cage#: 3DK36

GSA price list

Blanket Purchase Agreements

Have you considered establishing a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)?

Web and Writing Solutions can enter into a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with your agency. Some benefits to establishing a BPA under our existing GSA contract include:

  • opportunities for additional discounts
  • simplified contracting and ordering for recurring service needs
  • faster turnaround for new orders
  • multiple offices can be authorized to place orders under the BPA

Sample BPA agreement
Sample Statement of Work for BPA