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Core Competencies

Web Site Design
Web and Writing Solutions offers a full range of web design services from light re-design to full-scale web development projects that start from the bottom up. Our emphasis is on engaging the web visitor by using interesting, pleasing designs; sound navigation and information architecture; informative, up-to-date, and easy-to-digest content; interactive tools; online surveys; and other features that best fit the web site’s intended audience.

Writing and Editing
Whether the need is communications outreach, a historical case study, research and presentation of ideas, or reporting on a current initiative, our writers and researchers will work with your team to develop a document that will achieve your goals. We conduct primary source research and interviews and proceed to writing, revision and design for full product development. Web and Writing Solutions also provides document editing, from light proofreads to complete content evaluation and revision.

Accessibility and Federal Compliance
Web and Writing Solutions understands the needs of federal and state web sites to comply with government regulations, section 508 accessibility demands, and good design practices. We work with our clients to design an easy-to-use navigation interface and to build usable, accessible web sites.

Event Planning and Support
We offer a full range of meeting and event planning services, including event website development, electronic registration, e-newsletters, note-taking and transcript production, materials for print and online, full logistical support, and strategic and marketing planning.

Web Content and Management
Content for web pages must be concise and positioned for easy readability. Our full range of services includes: research; story development; copywriting; e-newsletter management, writing, and programming; content revision; and planning. We offer custom content management solutions for easier site maintenance and customized content.

Consultation and Planning
Web and Writing Solutions offers both short-term and long-term web and marketing consultation services. Building a web site is not an end in and of itself. An organization’s web site needs to further its mission and engage web visitors on a deeper level than simple web site browsing.







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